Why Don’t you keep a Beard?

A  young man once told me that his mother insists that he should shave of his newly kept beard and continue it after marriage. The reason : Many good looking educated girls don’t prefer a bearded guy. I did not agree with him and I am sure most of my sisters who are my readers will also not agree.

Normally when ever I  come across such reservations or hesitation I approach with  a question. “Is it a reason or an excuse for not keeping a beard?”  The answer is obvious : Of-course it is a reason or rather compulsion.

Well I have my own arguments for such exaggerated compulsions. Read them and use them to revive a sunnah.

Our beloved Prophet had more than 10 wives, and they included the best and the most noble women of that era. The Prophet, peace be upon him had a beard. If Allah can give him 10+ wives will he deprive you of at least one wife just because you are obeying his messenger? King Solomon (Suleman a.s. ) had hundreds wives and he was a Prophet with a  beard. Moses, peace be  upon him had a beard and he was chosen by  Shuaib as a groom for his noble daughter. All the companions of the Prophet, peace be upon him, had beard and in spite of this many had multiple wives.

Keeping a beard is a sunnah of all the prophets and their companions.  It drives away your inferiority complex. and injects in you a confidence that you are acceptable even with your religious uniform. It is a sunnah that you are performing for all 24 hours a day, every minute, every second. Even when you are asleep you are observing a sunnah through a beard.  We are so particular about other sunnah which od not last for much time  ( though every sunnah is precious and important) but we ignore this 24 x 7 sunnah. How much reward are we missing if we dont grow a beard?

A person can look good even if he keeps a beard. A person’s goodness shines more through is behavior and dealing with people and not merely  by his looks. Imagine the scenario : 700 millions of Muslim growing beard and are seen in the streets, in malls, in colleges, in trains buses…. What an Impact of the community ! Right? So  grown your beard from today… and let me  know..

nisaar-nadiadwala Nisaar Nadaidwala can be reached at nisaar_yusuf@yahoo.com

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  1. Must try to follow sunnah

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