Blessing everywhere

The second of the five matters is, “your health, before you fall sick.”

The fact that one lives a normal life and is not afflicted with diseases and plagues, represents a person’s health. Take advantage of this before diseases and plagues come because we, as human beings, will fall sick. Everyone falls sick. If we did not fall sick, we would be divine.   There will come a time when we will fall sick. Some of these times the sicknesses will be severe. So the Prophet (peace be upon him) is reminding us that we do not know when that time may come. Therefore, take advantage of health before that time comes.   The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “There are two blessings in which many people are deluded:  health and free time.” [Bukhari: Book 8 Vol 76 Hadith 421]

Once a person came to Yunus Bin Ubayy, one of the scholars of the Salaf, and he complained of extreme poverty as he had not been blessed with much. Yunus Bin Ubayy asked him, “Would you be willing to give away your sight for a certain amount of money?”

The man said, “No, of course not.”  Then he asked him, “Would you be willing to give your hands away?” He said, “No, of course not.” He asked, “Your feet?” He said, “Of course not.”

When he finished he said “I see that you have hundreds of thousands of millions of blessings, yet you are complaining of poverty?”

We have our full faculties, we can see and hear. Look at someone who Allah has tested with blindness. It is a very severe test, and that is why the Prophet (peace be upon him) has said in an authentic Hadith: “There are two things if Allah takes them away from a person and he is patient, he is guaranteed Jannah. These two things are the two eyes.”

In other words, if a person is blind, and we seek Allah’s refuge from the physical and the spiritual blindness in this world and in the hereafter, then Allah is testing him. And if he is patient, then Allah will reward him with Jannah.

How about one who has been blessed not just with eyesight, but with hearing, health, arms, limbs, energy, vitality, enthusiasm, and many other things? Should he not appreciate the blessings from Allah?

Let’s realize how sweet health is. It can be used for the worship of Allah. When we have been blessed with these bodies, why not use them in worship?

The least we can do is the obligatory deeds such as five times prayer, fasting in Ramadan, paying Zakah, and going for the Haj. All of these require that we use our physical bodies. That is the least we can do, the bare minimum.

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