You as Muslim must help people, must earn enough to provide your family the best; but never forget that you must do all of this in the name of Allah, for His sake only, not for you, not for anyone or anything else; but for Allah.

No matter how much people judge you, do not grieve, and do not be angry, but let Allah judge them and you do what you have to do as Muslim, help people and be nice, improve your character, be an ideal Muslim. Your mind must be pure and so must be your heart, otherwise temptations will blacken your mind and heart! For those who love to sin, and who “rely” on Allah’s Mercy, fear Allah more, FEAR HIS PUNISHMENT!

Allah is most Merciful but He doesn’t play games, you can’t sin and sin and say “Allah will forgive”, you are here in this life because of a test, and the test are trials and temptations, if you sin, repent, if you want to sin, struggle to not sin, remember Allah and be true servant of His, unless you struggle, you will never be a Muslim, you’ll remain a hypocrite!

Worship Allah (the Exalted) only, love Allah sincerely, never put someone or something else in first place; Allah gave you everything, as for people and wealth they only gave you trials, people rush in judging you, and they can misguide you easily, and they are themselves often misguided, but Allah is the King of everything in the Heavens and Earth, and He will never misguide you, and He will always love you, unlike people who can easily turn their back on you, if you love someone, love him/her for the sake of Allah, if they judge you, know that Allah will judge them too as they judge you, and if you rely upon Allah, He (the Exalted) will grant you victory InshaAllah, and there is nothing better than to win a place near Allah in the Hereafter. Ask Allah to guide you!

PUT YOUR TRUST IN ALLAH AND DEPEND ONLY UPON HIM (the Exalted)!!!!!!!! Unless you do that, you will never have peace nor be safe!!

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