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Sheikh Ibn Baz: A Tear for Da’wah

By: Shaykh Ibraheem ibn Aamir ar-Ruhaylee

From the examples [of good manners in calling to Allaah] that are mentioned regarding some of our scholars, is what some of the people of knowledge have mentioned regarding Shaykh AbdulAzeez bin Baz (may Allaah have mercy upon him).

He once advised a man about a particular issue, this man was known for having knowledge however he made a mistake that became widespread; it became known amongst the people and specifically amongst the scholars of his country. However the man insisted upon his error. So Shaykh Ibn Baz advised him and persisted in doing so, nevertheless the man did not accept his advice. He turned away from the Shaykh and left him but this did not cause the Shaykh to change his ways and it did not affect his gentleness with him. When the man was about to leave, he looked towards Shaykh Ibn Baz and saw him crying; he saw the eyes of the Shaykh shedding tears. So he asked the Shaykh regarding this, and he replied: I am only concerned about you.’

(Upon hearing this) the man retracted his statement and accepted the advice.

His retraction was due to which thing? Due to this tear; this tear that the Shaykh only shed out of kindness and compassion for the Muslims. Allaah gives due to compassion. This is why sometimes, when the one who is calling has compassion for the Muslims, Allaah causes it to be shown in the form of a tear. The one being admonished then sees this and accepts the advice.

This tear had an effect, and this compassion had an effect upon the retraction of that man. The man was not convinced by the evidences and proofs; he was not convinced with gentleness in dealing with him, however it was the compassion and mercy that Allaah has placed in the hearts of those scholars.

{These two matters) combined with sincere advice for the Muslims have an effect, and this is realised by some people.

Shaykh AbdulAzeez bin Baz (may Allaah have mercy upon him)

Shaykh AbdulAzeez bin Baz (may Allaah have mercy upon him)

That which is mentioned regarding Shaykh Ibn Baz (may Allaah have mercy upon him) in his gentleness with those who opposed the truth, this is famous and well known. Some of those who opposed the truth would be given nicknames, and some people would even use very derogatory terms against them. However Shaykh Ibn Baz would not lose hope in calling them to the truth, visiting them or maintaining relations with them until Allaah guided many people due to him. Due to this, he became an Imaam who was followed in goodness and in upholding the Sunnah.

If it was said: Shaykh Ibn Baz says something, people would be convinced, submit to it and retract from their statements. Allaah raise this man with which thing? Due to his compassion, sincere advice and gentleness; and examples of his dealing with people are many.

Some of the liars, some of those who would falsify his papers (verdicts) and speech, some of those who would belittle and insult the Shaykh, and also some of those who fell into error – all of these people, he would be gentle with them. He would advise the rulers with gentleness, he did this until Allaah gave him what he gave him in goodness.

Translator: Abul Abbaas

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