Up above the world so high!


This is a true story. The story of two very close friends. Or I should say closest friends. Distance never changed their friendship, neither did time or status. Nor the long years of disconnection or the brief periods of connection. One of them was a little more practicing than the other, though both were strong in faith. The more practicing friend now prayed day and night for the other friend, for his guidance.

Yet for years saw the friend indulged in wrong acts. Yes it was painful. So painful that questions came up in mind… “Am I making any mistake in my prayers? Why don’t I see any change”…. Imploring prayers came from the aching heart… “My lord, show me for once that you do care for my prayers.”…And one day, after a long time, they got to talk.

It was a pleasant moment to know that the not-so-practicing friend was now trying his best to understand. And it was that one weak moment when that friend admitted that at times of great hardship and hopelessness, he tried to commit suicide more than once over the years and each time got saved miraculously! And every return made him firmer, finally feeling the shelter lies in his Lord, not in giving up hope in Him.

And the other friend fell in prostration.

“Oh my Lord, when I asked you why you are not guiding him, correcting his ways, you were the only One to save him from a misguidance that would destroy everything! you saved him from the sin from which there could be no turning back! And I was thinking you didnt answer my prayers! Help me remember to never be ungrateful to you or never lose my faith. Because today I surely know you care for us the most. You will never leave us alone….you are up there, watching us, loving us, guiding us….we have no reason, absolutely no reason to despair!”

End of story. Beautiful, isn’t it?

No matter how ruthless the world turns and how silent He appears, He, our Ever Living Lord, One Lord, the Lord who responds to the prayers of the distressed heart is listening. He is helping. May be not in the way we wish to get the help, but in the way we perfectly need the help! He is there, He loves us. He is listening. And He will be there. Who else do we need to make us go on?

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  1. Assalam alaikum.after reading ur story,truly my faith increased.some time i also face the same situation,but not in my friend.it is my self.several times i ask god in dua,most of the time i failed.ofcourse,iam not a good muslim.i inly offer salah without dawa.inspite if all these i hoped in God that hedefinetly answer my questions.still now iam waiting his answer.after reading ur story may be there is some thing going on me also.thank u.khudahafiz.

  2. jameelah sadina

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakutuh i always love reading your inspiring stories and i feel like my imaan is so high when i read your stories and postings jazakAllah for sharing and taking the time to show everyone following you may Allah subhana wa ta ala continue to bless you and your family in this dunya and with Junnah inshaAllah

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