The real story of Vimal Kumar (the ‘missing terrorist’ ) from Kerala

A clarification upon the filthy accusations were spread by the media & police of Kerala against the brothers who went to Yemen for seeking knowledge just after they embraced Islam.

My name Is Vimal Kumar and I am not a terrorist!!!

This is the true story of Vimal Kumar (the missing) who has got hold of the people’s attention since the past few days. The news states the man as missing from Kerala and doubts him of relationship to unknown rackets.
Though the media has made its role obvious, there needs to be a true ending to this drama.I am a media student and I can tell you that alike many other cases, “the wrong idea” has been well built in this story.

Vimal Kumar had been studying about Islam as a religion from the past one and a half years. On September 9, 2013, he decided to accept Islam and become Abdurahman due to his findings and conclusions from the study. The 24 year old was brought up from a typical Hindu family in Kerala. Such a change was expected to be opposed by the family and hence he tried to practice his religion silently. Eventually , he realised that his family should have the same realization as of his. So he gave the breaking news at home. At the very shot, his parents had got a shock of life and tried best to convey their hatred towards his decision. Vimal repeatedly tried to make them understand that his decision was only for the good and that he required their support.

But they did not bother to look in to his reasons or justifications and instead told him that he could only be a burden anymore to them.
Alike all sons, Vimal loved his family very much and did not want to cause further trouble to them. He stayed apart from home and practiced his beliefs further away from them. As time went on, he realised that he needed to do further study on Islam and it was turning difficult for him to practice his new ways in the kind of atmosphere.
He was also struck by the intention of having an earning for his family. He looked up to places such as Saudi, Yemen etc, where they provided the facilities for such.

From his research he found out that there were places in Yemen where they provided him with righteous knowledge along with daily requirements such as food and shelter. Via online, he contacted many brothers who studied their and made sure that the place was free from unwanted activities or misguidance in Islam.
He sought the help of his friends to travel and expected to return their money by time. He tried going back home In order to convince his parents that he was taking the right step and that he was going to be safe. He told them that he is going to be earning soon so he can also send money home.

However, Vimal had also prepared affidavits stating that it was only by his own will that he had accepted Islam.
Vimal told his mother,” my new religion teaches me to maintain a good relationship with my kin and doesn’t allow me to leave without your permission and happiness”

The family finally agreed with little despair in their hearts.

By this time Vimal had been telling his brother about that which has brought all this change in him. His brother Vipin also started to feel that Islam was the truth. Hence he too accepted Islam before two Days prior to Vimal’s leave.

Now, it’s been a month since Vimal has been residing in Sanaa, Yemen.

He is truely enjoying his freedom and has been has been seeking knowledge under the authority of a scholar.
Vimal has kept in frequent touch with his family via phone. He has been contacting them almost everyday and has promised them that he will find a job soon.

But his father is unhappy with his decision and had posted a complaint stating that his son was misguided or forced to travel.

The above is nothing but the reality.

Now, it is upto you, the people of our nation to make the call, expose the truth. Because the media manipulation in our country has gone to such a extent that the people wouldn’t know what was the truth. If somebody through a stone at the dog, the news story would say, ” The dog was killed”. Just stating the mere sample of exaggeration.
Apart, our country is a democratic and provides the right to religion. But look at the way the story of this 24 year old man is being treated.

Vimal’s brother was manipulated by the other caste after his leave. He is no more able to practice his beleif.
Vimals friends are being followed and tortured by the police regarding the matter. The news had been accusing him of terrorism where as he hasn’t even known about it. As citizens of the country it’s our responsibility to look into such and do the needful.

My name is Abu Rayyan and I am student in the same firm as of Vimal’s and I convey the feelings of the unwantedly accused, to you, the people of India!

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That is only Satan who frightens [you] of his supporters. So fear them not, but fear Me, if you are [indeed] believers. [Quran 3:175]




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