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The Grand Muftī of Saudi Arabia warns against the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, and Jabhat un-Nusrah

Question: Nowadays, there are those who call the Muslim youth and the Muslims in general to a new methodology, a methodology of partisanship, causing them to split into groups and parties. They say that this is the correct methodology, i.e. joining the likes of Jabhat un-Nusrah, ISIS (Dā’esh), Al-Qā’idah and the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwān ul-Muslimīn).

Answer by the Muftī Shaykh Abdul-Azīz Āl us-Shaykh: Oh my brothers, all of these modern day groups are astray (from the right path), if you were to examine (them) carefully you will find that they do not have the slightest connection to Islām. They interpret Islām in accordance with their opinions and desires, thereby deceiving the people. They are truly misguided, they make lawful the spilling of blood, they violate sanctity, loot wealth and cause corruption in the earth. All of these my brothers, are false methodologies, behind them is whoever is behind them. There is no good in them (inaudible), nor in the people who follow these methodologies. Whoever calls our youth to join these misguided groups, then he is indeed mistaken and has strayed from the right path (i.e. the correct understanding of Islām).

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GAZA: Advice to the Muslim Ummah – Sheikh Saalih Al-Fawzaan

 Shaykh Saalih Ibn Fawzaan Al-Fawzaan (Hafidahullah) stated:

Smoke and fire from an Israeli bomb rises into the air ove Gaza City“The actions, disbelief and evil of the Yahood (Jews) is well known, even (with regards) to (their relationship) with their Prophets. They killed their Prophets and (also) is that which occurred with Kaleemullaah – Moosaa (the Prophet Moses upon him be the salutations), such as what Allah has related in the Qur`aan (regarding) the story of Moosaa and Haaroon (‘alayhimas-salaam).

The character, disbelief, misguidance and evil of the Yahood is well known – even towards their Prophets – but what is obligatory upon us (Muslims) is that we ponder and rectify our deviated affairs and repent to Allah because the Yahood have not gained the upper hand over us except due to our sins. Why is it that we do not hear anyone addressing and admonishing the Muslims whilst saying to them: ‘What has happened to you is (nothing else), but as a result of your turning away from the religion of Allah and negligence in the affairs of the Deen. So repent to Allah in order that Allah may aid you and avert the plot of the plotters from you.’

We do not hear except insult, abuse, and supplication against the Yahood, but this should be substituted with supplicating to Allah to rectify the Muslims and to make them steadfast. And to mention to the Muslims that they should repent and return to Allah, and rectify their Deen for the sake of Allah. This is the first obligation.

As for supplication against an oppressive tyrant, be it the Yahood or other than them, then there is nothing wrong with this. It is legislated to supplicate against the one who oppresses you with the sharee’ah supplications, the supplications found in the Qur’aan and the Sunnah. But before supplicating against them, you should supplicate to Allah to rectify the Muslims and to make the Muslims steadfast upon their Religion and return them to the truth. (And) advise, address and admonish (them) with regards to (obedience to) Allah. This is what is obligatory.

Source: Al-Ijaabaatul Muhimmah Fil Mashaakil Al-Mulimmah, pg. 202

The face of Buddhist terror in Sri Lanka

From what was reported from Sheikh ‘abdul Hameed (who is still in Sri Lanka) and some of the students from Sri Lanka:

buddhist-terror-in sri-lanka-The crisis started from some sort of dispute between a High Buddhist Priest riding in a car and Muslims pedestrians.

-In the beginning the Muslims were restricted to the Masaajid by the Police while Buddhist Extremist burned the houses and stores of the Muslims. It was said approximately 300 houses and 300 stores were burnt.

– It was said that the Buddhist are armed and the Muslims are not. The curfew was imposed on the Muslims. The Muslims are at least partly under siege.

-A 40 day old baby was murdered by one of the terrorist from the Buddhist Extremist.

-The men have started to attack and beat up the women.

-One student from Bangladesh said it is similar to the terrorism that occurred upon the Muslims in Burma where it was said that the Buddhist Extremist would take the Muslim babies and burn them on stakes.

Please make dua for the Muslims in Sri Lanka.

Buddhist Extremists in Sri Lanka terrorize the Muslims in Sri Lanka

muslims-killed-in-sri-lanka-by-buddhistSri Lanka Muslims killed in clashes with Budhists. Three of them died of gunshot wounds near a mosque in the town of Aluthgama. More than 78 others have been seriously injured in the violence. Muslims make up 10% of Sri Lanka’s mainly Buddhist population.

May Allaah azzawajal protect & preserve all the Muslims & grant us victory & thowfeeq (success) in all our affairs. May He also grant Jannatul Firdous al-Aa’laa to those who were killed.

إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ
“Truly! To Allâh we belong and truly, to Him we shall return.”
(Al-Baqarah 2:156)

Eyewitness accounts tell of Muslims being pulled off local buses and beaten. There are also reports of looting as well as shops being burned.

Remember all our brothers & sisters in your duas.

The real story of Vimal Kumar (the ‘missing terrorist’ ) from Kerala

A clarification upon the filthy accusations were spread by the media & police of Kerala against the brothers who went to Yemen for seeking knowledge just after they embraced Islam.

My name Is Vimal Kumar and I am not a terrorist!!!

This is the true story of Vimal Kumar (the missing) who has got hold of the people’s attention since the past few days. The news states the man as missing from Kerala and doubts him of relationship to unknown rackets.
Though the media has made its role obvious, there needs to be a true ending to this drama.I am a media student and I can tell you that alike many other cases, “the wrong idea” has been well built in this story.

Vimal Kumar had been studying about Islam as a religion from the past one and a half years. On September 9, 2013, he decided to accept Islam and become Abdurahman due to his findings and conclusions from the study. The 24 year old was brought up from a typical Hindu family in Kerala. Such a change was expected to be opposed by the family and hence he tried to practice his religion silently. Eventually , he realised that his family should have the same realization as of his. So he gave the breaking news at home. At the very shot, his parents had got a shock of life and tried best to convey their hatred towards his decision. Vimal repeatedly tried to make them understand that his decision was only for the good and that he required their support.

But they did not bother to look in to his reasons or justifications and instead told him that he could only be a burden anymore to them.
Alike all sons, Vimal loved his family very much and did not want to cause further trouble to them. He stayed apart from home and practiced his beliefs further away from them. As time went on, he realised that he needed to do further study on Islam and it was turning difficult for him to practice his new ways in the kind of atmosphere.
He was also struck by the intention of having an earning for his family. He looked up to places such as Saudi, Yemen etc, where they provided the facilities for such.

From his research he found out that there were places in Yemen where they provided him with righteous knowledge along with daily requirements such as food and shelter. Via online, he contacted many brothers who studied their and made sure that the place was free from unwanted activities or misguidance in Islam.
He sought the help of his friends to travel and expected to return their money by time. He tried going back home In order to convince his parents that he was taking the right step and that he was going to be safe. He told them that he is going to be earning soon so he can also send money home.

However, Vimal had also prepared affidavits stating that it was only by his own will that he had accepted Islam.
Vimal told his mother,” my new religion teaches me to maintain a good relationship with my kin and doesn’t allow me to leave without your permission and happiness”

The family finally agreed with little despair in their hearts.

By this time Vimal had been telling his brother about that which has brought all this change in him. His brother Vipin also started to feel that Islam was the truth. Hence he too accepted Islam before two Days prior to Vimal’s leave.

Now, it’s been a month since Vimal has been residing in Sanaa, Yemen.

He is truely enjoying his freedom and has been has been seeking knowledge under the authority of a scholar.
Vimal has kept in frequent touch with his family via phone. He has been contacting them almost everyday and has promised them that he will find a job soon.

But his father is unhappy with his decision and had posted a complaint stating that his son was misguided or forced to travel.

The above is nothing but the reality.

Now, it is upto you, the people of our nation to make the call, expose the truth. Because the media manipulation in our country has gone to such a extent that the people wouldn’t know what was the truth. If somebody through a stone at the dog, the news story would say, ” The dog was killed”. Just stating the mere sample of exaggeration.
Apart, our country is a democratic and provides the right to religion. But look at the way the story of this 24 year old man is being treated.

Vimal’s brother was manipulated by the other caste after his leave. He is no more able to practice his beleif.
Vimals friends are being followed and tortured by the police regarding the matter. The news had been accusing him of terrorism where as he hasn’t even known about it. As citizens of the country it’s our responsibility to look into such and do the needful.

My name is Abu Rayyan and I am student in the same firm as of Vimal’s and I convey the feelings of the unwantedly accused, to you, the people of India!

Feel free to contact



That is only Satan who frightens [you] of his supporters. So fear them not, but fear Me, if you are [indeed] believers. [Quran 3:175]




The Mufti of KSA [Al-Allaamah Abdul-Azeez Aala Shaikh] Speaks Against Boko Haram [The Khawaarij of Nigeria]

Boko-Haram-NigeriaRIYADH – Saudi Arabia’s grand mufti has condemned the kidnapping of more than 200 school girls by Nigeria’s Boko Haram, saying the group was formed to “smear the image of Islam”.

“This is a group that has been set up to smear the image of Islam and must be offered advice, shown their wrong path and be made to reject it,”

Sheikh Abdulaziz Al al-Sheikh, the top religious authority in the birthplace of Islam, told the Arabic-language newspaper al-Hayat in an interview published on Friday, Reuters reported.

“These groups are not on the right path because Islam is against kidnapping, killing and aggression,” he said.

“Marrying kidnapped girls is not permitted.”

Al-Allaamah Abdul Azeez Aala Shaikh (may Allaah preserve him) says:

*Their actions are evil and harmful for Islam and the Muslims.

*Their actions are destructive.

*Abducting girls is from the actions of a misguided group.

*If Boka Haraam are claiming a call to jihad, then it is nothing but ignorance and enmity against Islaam and the Muslims.

*Boka Haraam are not upon correctness and guidance because Islaam opposes abduction/kidnapping, unlawful killing and transgression.

*Marrying off kidnapped/abducted females is haraam and it is not permissible to give them in marriage.

Shaykh Saalih Fowzaan Exposes Yasir Qadhi’s Reality

As-Salaam ‘alaykum wa rahmatullaah…

Al-hamdulillaah, we are pleased to present a VERY important clarification from Shaykh Saalih al-Fowzaan, member of the Permanent Committee for Verdicts in Saudi Arabia and the Council of Senior Scholars in Saudi Arabia.

He responded with important scholarly insight to the rhetoric repeated so often by Almaghrib Institute’s Dean of Academic Affairs (the “man behind the curriculum” as they put it), Dr. Yasir Qadhi. Please read the article and pass it on to your friends, as the Almaghrib Institute network reaches far and wide.

May Allaah make it easy for our brothers and sisters to see the reality of Yasir Qadhi and his organization.

Speech of Sheikh Yahyaa translated: “The Promise of Allah is near Between Us and You!!! Allah does not break His Promise.”

damaaj-darul hadithThe people of knowledge safeguard the religion of Allah; if it wasn’t for the people of ink (i.e. the people of knowledge) the heretics would have given sermons on the pulpits.  The heretics give sermons upon the pulpits in the absence of the people of knowledge and they take authority and they assail and they travel from place to place and corrupt the religion of Allah greatly as well as the slaves of Allah from the aspect that (this corruption is) from the religion of Allah and not that they (necessarily) say “go on disbelieve”!  No, rather they bring them the disbelief in the form of (sound) religion.

For example look at these individuals who say that Paradise is in Dammaaj (i.e. to fight and kill the students), (they say :) “You want Paradise?  Paradise is in Dammaaj fight and you shall achieve Paradise. Whosoever desires Paradise then there is nothing between him and Paradise except that Afaari or Mahjar alLom and so on or there is nothing between him and the Paradise except al-Hadabah [1] and for you is Paradise.” Look at this atrocious lie in the image of deceit and deception upon the people.  They murder the Muslims men, women and children unjustly and in enmity spilling the blood of the Muslims without any right or any justification. Allah the Mighty said:


And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is the Hell to abide therein; and the Wrath and the Curse of Allah are upon him, and a great punishment is prepared for him. {4:93}

And (they carry out these crimes) with the impression that (this unjust murderer) will enter Paradise! This is the essence of deceitful deception and betrayal upon the Muslim society (from amongst) the common people and the forsaken individuals. (This deceit) is not (meant) for those who fear Allah, keep their duty to Him and dread the Hell-Fire and the standing in front of Him (for judgement) but instead for a people who value worldly gain. Most of them (those who are unjustly fighting the students of knowledge in Dammaaj) are like this, and the help of Allah is sought! This is from the ways of causing the Muslim society to fall into error with this lie and deception that this one will enter Paradise. Therefore, be weary of them, so they do not misguide you or put you to trial.

By Allah, surely many of them, rather all of them know they are liars and that they are fighting this war upon falsehood, By Allah they are not fighting for the Deen (religion) of Allah, rather the Devil has deceived them into their actions. I do not know who incited them against us whether they are from the mankind or the Jinn. That whoever does such and such to this place (Dammaaj) they will make them sovereigns and bestow to them rulership and so on. Nevertheless, they and those who are inciting them know that they are upon falsehood. Indeed and I swear by Allah!

They lie and they perceive that they are acquiring good by their deeds, except for those that Allah has verily blinded their vision to the extent that (one of them) does not recognize goodness nor does he warn from evil.  He has become cloaked (with falsehood) and he does not know where the (right) path is.  This is a blind individual who has no insight with him or vision.

Nevertheless many of these ones are deceived. That is, (they are told) that America are the houses of Al-Lom and the houses of Aal Manaa’[2] and that they have become Washington. Who will believe this lie? –the Sheikh laughs astonished- Where is America? (The houthis say) “Death to America, Death to America, Death to Israel” [3] Where is America where is Israel? Is Israel these villagers and students who have with them the Qur’aan who have become America and Israel??? All of this is a lie and a deceptive hoax. May Allah give them what they deserve them and those who incite them. We ask Allah to wound them with one another. We ask Allah to hasten in their punishment. We ask Allah to show us the avenging of our blood (which was unjustly spilt) amongst them and to delight us by their destruction upon their own hands, as well as the hands of the believers and whomsoever He desires from amongst His creation.

Liars, by Allah, they are liars. And from the signs of lying is that you see them demolished, overcome (and) their morals collapsed in front of the truth and its people

So (one of them) says; “How is it I fight against disbelievers”? These individuals are not disbelievers. However, the matter is propaganda, propaganda for the people. And take into consideration and ponder over the statement of Allah:

As for the poets, the erring ones follow them, {026:224}

See you not that they speak about every subject (praising people – right or wrong) in their poetry? {026:225}

And that they say what they do not do. {026:226}

Except those who believe (in the Oneness of Allah – Islaamic Monotheism) and do righteous deeds, and remember Allah much and vindicate themselves after they have been wronged [by replying back in poetry to the unjust poetry (which the pagan poets utter against the Muslims)]. And those who do wrong will come to know by what overturning they will be overturned. {026:227}

They shall come to know all of them by what overturning they will be overturned towards and what stance they are upon in the worldly life as well as the Hereafter. Even if they are given enjoyment in the worldly life they shall come to know what overturning they will be overturned towards.

Look Al-Qadhaafi the one who wronged the (people of the) land of Libya with disaster. He was a malicious communist! Malignant communist! One who possessed this immoral creed. Therein he tore the land of Libya (to pieces) and he exhausted them was very oppressive to its people And he filled the prisons with those Muslims who would fast and pray! In any case, he was a criminal from amongst the criminals. And in the end Allah gave power (to the people) over him. They follow him from place to place and from ally to ally. And he would say: “My children! My children! Do not kill me, this is unlawful for you, this is unlawful. Now you know what forbidden means now oh wicked one?!

For years you have been slaughtering, eradicating (the people), and imprisoning, sowing dissension and causing corruption throughout the world’s governments, all of the world’s governments his heart had become saturated with falsehood. And (for Al-Qadhaafi) the spilling of blood amongst them was similar to the drinking of honey. Yet after all this he says: “Its unlawful for you, its unlawful (i.e. to kill me) and so they killed him. (Truly)Allah killed him. And perhaps he is in the Hell-Fire. He was an immoral malicious communist. To the Hell-Fire what an evil destination.

And like this, That was the way of Allah in the case of those who passed away of old, and you will not find any change in the way of Allah. {33:62}

These blood thirty individuals who are thrilled by the spilling of human blood without right (and) especially when it comes to you oh People of the Sunnah! (Under the assumption) that whoever removes Dammaaj then they shall acquire (such and such). This is a lie, by Allah a lie! By Allah who oppressively attacks Dammaaj indeed we hope from Allah that He will disgrace them in this life and the next. We ask Allah to destroy the Raafidhah (the houthis) and those who incite them and those who assist them (whether financially or otherwise)! And to show us the avenging of our blood amongst them swiftly without delay! We await this and we anticipate the Promise of Allah against them indeed by Allah we await the Promise of Allah against them.

Buying and selling the spilling of blood of the innocent. Wages (paid) to spill the blood of the innocent. They want establishment in the government for the sake of the blood of the innocent. This is wickedness, this is immorality. This is a great oppression that Allah will not give authority to its people. May Allah hasten in the punishment of the Raafidhah (the houthis) and who incite them (who seeks to benefit from their evil), whoever they may be, even if it be America or otherwise. We wait for the Allah to destroy whoever does these acts of criminality. And Allah is not heedless of them.

Consider not that Allah is unaware of that which the Dhaalimoon (polytheists, wrong doers, oppressors) do, but He gives them respite up to a Day when the eyes will stare in horror. {014:042}

And possibly He will punish them quickly. Then the Sheikh mentioned a portion of a Hadeeth narrated by Abi Musa Al-Asha’ri, may Allah be pleased with him, recorded in the Saheeh of Imaam Muslim that the Messenger, may the prayer and the salutations be upon him, said:

“Allah gives respite to the oppressor (to let him increase in his oppression) until when He punishes him he gives him no escape”

So oh you criminals from the Raafidhah and those who incite them from the ones who spill the blood of the innocent without right, await the Promise of Allah. You pursue us with your bullets and we pursue you with our supplication to Allah the All Mighty the All Powerful and by the will of Allah we shall be the victorious, (indeed) by the will of Allah. You all pursue us with your projectiles, shells and missiles and we pursue you by seeking refuge in Allah ـ and projectiles from the heavens. Then the Sheikh recited some lines of poetry:


Do you mock the supplication and belittle it and you are unaware of what supplication has done

The arrows of the night do not miss (i.e. the supplications) however they have a span of time and every time span has its ending.


The Promise of Allah is near between us and you!!! Allah does not break his promise.

Oh Allah destroy the Raafidhah and those who incite them and assist them against your believing slaves and show us your astonishing capabilities against them oh Lord of the Worlds, oh Hearer of those who call.

End of the Sheikh’s SpeechLinks to Audio: Download Listen


[1] These places mentioned by the Sheikh are some of the surrounding regions of Darul-Hadeeth in Dammaaj which the Houthis have been attacking for approximately 80 days in an attempt to illegitimately occupy the area.  We ask Allah to ruin their hopes.
[2] These are two residential areas in Dammaaj where the residents of the area dwell.
[3] The slogan of the Houthis is actually; Allah is the Greatest! Death to America! Death to Israel! Curse be upon the Jews! Victory is for Islaam. Yet they brutally kill innocent Muslims who have come to Dammaaj for the sole purpose of seeking knowledge in order to enlighten themselves, their family and friends.
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