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Houthis reject the cease-fire, deny Yemeni Army entry into Dammaaj and attack the Masjid again

Day 93:

siege of dammajThere was a mutual agreement among the representatives of all parties (the Government, the Military, Dammaaj and the houthis) for a cease-fire that was to start today at 6 a.m.. The agreement was for the Yemeni Military to come today and all positions be turned over to them, along with the houthi check points and roads to be opened back up (thus removing us from the houthis siege).

Instead the houthis denied the Yemeni Army to enter Dammaaj only on the condition they would not bring heavy artillery and the soldiers would only enter with a gun and a clip vest.

Approximately 9:15 a.m the houthis began yet another attack on the main Masjid and surrounding area. As they have done before they bombard the Masjid and its surrounding areas with tank, cannon, mortar shells and anti-aircraft artillery. The shelling usually includes the areas near the emergency shelter for the women and children and they deliberately aim for our main water supply for those that live in the area of the main Masjid. Al-Hamdulillah only some suffered minor injuries.

Yesterday the Tribal Committee headed by Al-Maqdashi came with papers about the cease-fire agreement for Sheikh Yahyaa. They brought along with them some supplies from the Government for us, may Allah reward them. The houthis continued their sniper fire throughout the night, even firing a B-10 cannon at some of the students in the Watan area. No one was hurt Al-Hamdulillah.

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